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PGSA wanted an informative recruitment video to educate potential applicants about their five-week summer artist’s colony for high school sophomores and juniors. Nathan took up residence at the program, captured every aspect of the student experience including coursework, performances and socialization, conducted 30 student interviews and edited together a concise yet complete presentation DVD for statewide distribution.
Lars Halle wanted a promotional video for his big band. Nathan captured live performances in jazz venues as well as the recording session for the band’s first album and interwove this material with an extended interview of Lars as well as comments from his band mates, and their fans.
The adacemy wanted a promotional/fundraising video to promote their scholarship program and show donors where their money was going. Nathan followed a scholarship recipient, Danny, through his day at school, including his classroom and sporting activities and combined this material with interviews with Danny and his teachers.
Hot Cup is a small jazz label in Queens, NY. They needed a variety of graphic design, video, and web development for their upcoming albums and a new website. Nathan has documented and curated a variety of performances from their stable of artists, designed albums, and created music videos in keeping with their creative sensibilities. He also provides the necessary photo and video materials to inquiring media outlets.
Following the success of the PGSA’s video, the PA Department of Education hired Nathan to visit all eight of the Governor’s Schools of Excellence during their five-week programs. Spending a few days at each, Nathan again captured the student experience and conducted student interviews this time for use as 30+ short segments on the PGSE website.
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