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Online portfolio:

Offering 10+ years of multimedia design, video production and media consultation for print, television, and online media.
This includes multimedia production, graphic design, photography, illustration, animation and special effects.



People'e Emergency Center - taught a variety of computer literacy courses for children and adults including Internet Basics, Animation, Podcasting, Mac OS, and Netbook Use

Comcast's Digital Connectors - an intense computer and media literacy course for a group of underserved students in partnership with Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha and The Village of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Jill McDevitt - produced, shot and edited 10+ episodes of an online "reality" web series

Hot Cup Records – ongoing, see 2011 also, design of new album "Slippery Rock!"

Dr. Timaree Schmidt – ongoing, see 2011

Everything, By Everyone – ongoing, see 2009


Hot Cup Records – website management, print ad design, digital asset management

More Is More Records – website creation and maintenance, album design “Ghosts”, audio editing

Dr. Timaree Schmidt – producer of SWT podcast (arranges guests, records, edits and posts shows to RSS feed), head shots/ promo photography, videographer/editor of “Timaree's Burlesque Showcase”, audio editing, costume design and fabrication, print ad design

Everything, By Everyone – ongoing, see 2009

Jon Irabagon – website management


Hot Cup Records – performance videography and editing, website management, print ad design, digital asset management, promotional photography, album cover photo shoot “The Combria Concert”

Talibam! and Sam Kulik – produced and shot photos for “Atlantis” project (art direction, hired models, hair and makeup people, scouted location, made costumes and acquired props, built and dressed set, shot the photos and otherwise coordinated the day of the shoot), designed album cover and promotional materials

Everything, By Everyone – continuing project (see 2009)

Safari Anomalous – photographed staff and inventory/catalogue of products, documented work process

Sisters Nightclub – event photography “christmas party”

Jon Irabagon – album cover photo shoot and album design “Foxy”, ad design, website management, performance videography

Patience Owen – videography of Fringe Festival dance performance “Chrysalis”


Everything, By Everyone – producer/director/camera - a feature length documentary about the evolution of online entertainment – raised funds, arranged and shot over 100 hours of interviews and other footage across the country – currently in editing/post production (continuing)

Hot Cup Records – website management, print ad design, performance videography and editing, digital asset management, album design “Forty Fort”, album design “Accomplish Jazz”

Wilbooks – shot, edited staff introduction videos for web, animated Wilbooks logo

Charles Evans – album design “The King of All Instruments”

Jon Irabagon – website creation and management


Hot Cup Records – website creation and management, print ad design, performance videography and editing, digital asset management, album cover photo shoot and album design “This Is Our Moosic”, album design “Bangin' Your Way Into the Future”, music video “Baden”

Playworld Systems – research documentation videography and digital asset management

East Snyder Park – event videography “Build Day”

Longpoint Environmental Training – course videography and editing, DVD authoring


The Pennsylvania Department of Education- Governor’s Schools of Excellence

Acted as producer, camera, and editor for a series of 30+ video segments and photos designed to give potential student applicants a feel for the day-to-day activities of the eight Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools of Excellence. Redesigned promotional print materials for statewide distribution and worked extensively on their new website.

2008- The Houston Press

Worked in the Graphic Design department creating and modifying ads for their weekly newspaper.

2004-2006- The School District of Philadelphia

The Charter High School for Architecture and Design, Franklin Learning Center

As a full time teacher, taught students about the study and creation of various forms of art, design, and media, including drawing, animation, film/video, sculpture and mixed media.

Original curriculum included graphic design, character design, Flash basics in intro to animation unit as well as photography, page layout and publication design in a yearbook class.

2003-2005- The Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts

Was responsible for all aspects of the creation of media tools to better market the program in Pennsylvania High Schools. This included a communications video and website. Shot 81 hours of footage, conducted 32 interviews, edited it all into a 33 min video to be distributed statewide.

2002- Served as a male resident director. Was jointly responsible for the well being of approx 80 boys in the male dorm, hospital trips, activity planning, general discipline, etc.

2001- Served as ATTRA (teaching assistant) in the graphic design classroom. Helped teach students about various pieces of software. Was responsible for several boys in the male dorm. Taught portions of a "Film Criticism" elective (continued this in '02 and '03).

2004- The Entertainment Source, LLC

Works as an editor and cameraman, filming and editing various social events. Responsible for keeping track of the company's equipment, collecting and cataloguing footage, making dubs for other editors, authoring DVDs of events, and some care and maintenance of equipment. Also contributed design elements leading to a new website.

2002/03- GreenWorks Television Production (now GreenTreks Networks)

Web Designer, Associate Producer, Production Assistant, Graphic Artist, Editor, Animator. Developed/designed web pages, animated for television and the web, edited segments for the television show, dubbed tapes, performed general office tasks.


1998-2002- Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science, Film and Video Production (Cum Laude)

1997- Selected for the 1997 Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts*

1994-1998- Selinsgrove Area High School, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Computer Skills

Operating Systems: Macintosh OS, Windows

Software Experience Includes: FinalCut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, GarageBand, Soundtrack Pro, FTP Pro, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Toast, Fetch, Dreamweaver, Imageready

Well versed in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo RSS Feedburner,, Blogger/Wordpress

*Special Honors

2004- "Going Home" selected for the DC Independent Film Festival

2003- "Solace" selected for the DC Independent Film Festival

2002- Given the "Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film and Video" Drexel University

Mad Dragon Film Festival, Drexel University

2002- Banyan Award for Excellence In the Field of Special Effects, Senior Project Honorable mention - "Solace"

2000- Best of Festival for "Daily Grind"

Special Skills

Theremin player, balloon animals

References available upon request.