Thurs, Feb 13, '03
"Dear Nathan Kuruna:  We are pleased to inform you that your work "Solace" has been selected for competition in the 2003 DC INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL."

How cool is that?? Go to DCIFF for more info.

     I'll be honest with you, there's not much in the way of news at the moment as I have barely begun submitting Solace to film festivals. Hopefully this page will start to fill up in time.
You can't rush into these things.
But Solace now has a website up and running. And that's a start.
And Solace has won it's first award, in the Senior Project category of the 2002 Drexel University Mad Dragon Film Fesitval. Additionally, my work on Solace, along with Block and Lights Out, helped me win the 2002 Banyan Productions Award for Excellence in the field of Special Effects.

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